Artist + Business + Signmaker = CoSign

Cosign is a program and replicable model designed to engage artists, fabricators and business owners and create unique signage for a business district. It's an innovative way of utilizing the arts as a tool for neighborhood revitalization. 



Why CoSign?

Because CoSign = Neighborhood
Because CoSign = Creativity
Because CoSign = Visibility


CoSign is a turn-key program built to be flexible and adapt to the needs of your community. It can align with your neighborhood’s strategy for revitalization and creates a sense of place by bringing people together to create visually impactful signage for the district.

Upon CoSign’s completion, your neighborhood will have 10 - 15 new signs. The signs will help small businesses reach potential customers and create more visibility for the neighborhood. It builds civic pride by creating a marketable campaign that celebrates artists and business owners and focuses on the collective identity of the community. The best thing about CoSign is that it’s about collaboration. It’s a fast-paced, fun process that creates connections between artists and small business owners and brings them together in a meaningful way.