Artist + Business + Signmaker = CoSign

Cosign is a model for utilizing the arts for economic development. It is a meaningful participatory process for business owners, artists, sign makers, neighborhood residents, and local experts to meet the challenge and opportunity to enliven a business district through creative placemaking. 

CoSign is designed to enhance economic activity in neighborhood business districts by pairing artists, small businesses, and professional sign fabricators to design and install unique handcrafted signage for local retailers; and in the process, create an infrastructure to train the next generation of local signmakers.

Since 2012, CoSign has coordinated the design and installation of a critical mass of new business signage in Cincinnati's Northside business district and in downtown Covington, Kentucky, both areas experiencing significant redevelopment and reinvestment. The signage was created by a unique partnership of a visual artist, a small business owner, and a professional sign fabricator, all coordinated through the leadership and expertise of the American Sign Museum. 

In addition to providing program oversight, the American Sign Museum staff, exhibits, and library serve as a resource for sign history research and design inspiration. CoSign began as a partnership between the American Sign Museum, ArtPlace America, the Haile/U.S. Bank Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts and is currently launching a national pilot program.